Count down to Christmas for homeless in West Midlands

150 word appeal This year David Sidwell our company owner will be volunteering at Crisis at Christmas, where 14 centers will open across the UK between 22 and 30 December offering vital companionship, hot meals, warmth and vital services including podiatry, health checks, eyesight checks and housing, education and employment advice Homelessness has risen substantially in recent years – more than 8,000 people slept rough at some point in London last year. Tens of thousands more are stuck in squats, hostels or on the floors of friends and families. Last year many volunteers at Crisis at Christmas not only gave their time, but also helped to raise over £180,000 by asking friends, family, customers and colleges to sponsor them for their volunteering. Could you be one of those generous donors and sponsor David? Whatever you give, you can be sure you’re helping someone who is homeless have a full and happy Christmas, and a...

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Catering for your wedding day & evening reception

Do I need a caterer? You need to consider a professional caterer if your guest list exceeds 20. You might not enjoy yourself if you’re running around worrying about dirty dishes and whether or not everyone has had enough to eat. If you look after the catering yourself, hire staff to serve and clear up. It’s money well spent. It’s probably best not to accept invited guests’ offers to help. They are meant to be celebrating with you. What type of catering do I need? The catering and refreshments will very much depend on the venue and type of reception you’ve decided on. Many venues recommend caterers, or may even insist that you use a particular one. However, for the marquee in the garden local restaurants, bakers and even supermarkets will be more than willing to quote. Once you’ve found your ideal venue/caterer you should make an appointment with the person in charge to...

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Is ‘I DO’ the words you use when asked if you need Wedding Insurance?

Is 'I DO' the words you use when asked if you need Wedding Insurance? Torn in transit bridal gowns to washed-out receptions, you only need to watch an episode of one of the car crash TV programs to learn just what can go wrong at a wedding. So if you are one of the couples planning on spending a fortune on your big day in 2017, it  makes sense to take out wedding insurance. While the recession may be over this doesnt mean the risk of companies closing down has been reduced. The average cost of a wedding fell by over £6000 from  2008 to 2013, guarding against the inevitable is no less important. What is wedding insurance? An insurance policy that covers you if something ruins your big day or it has to be cancelled or postponed. The financial loss can be recovered from your insurer. Do I need wedding insurance? This depends on how...

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BBC DIY SOS The Big Build has Little Dave Volunteering

BBC DIY SOS The Big Build has Little Dave Volunteering Over the past 8 months our company owner David Sidwell (Little Dave) has been volunteering with the BBC’s DIY SOS team on a number of there Big Build projects across the country. The first build took place in Hopesay Shropshire back if February where they were called to help family Joe and Lucy to rebuild there house following a number of problems with the build then followed by injury to Joe as he did his job in the fire service but the final straw came when Lucy's mum died suddenly following a short illness. On this build David was taken under the wing of a local landscaping company to help transform the garden that had a small brook running through it. David second build had him traveling south to Monmouth to help a family get back together if there family home following the mother...

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