BBC DIY SOS The Big Build has Little Dave Volunteering

BBC DIY SOS The Big Build has Little Dave Volunteering

Over the past 8 months our company owner David Sidwell (Little Dave) has been volunteering with the BBC’s DIY SOS team on a number of there Big Build projects across the country.

The first build took place in Hopesay Shropshire back if February where they were called to help family Joe and Lucy to rebuild there house following a number of problems with the build then followed by injury to Joe as he did his job in the fire service but the final straw came when Lucy’s mum died suddenly following a short illness.

On this build David was taken under the wing of a local landscaping company to help transform the garden that had a small brook running through it.

David second build had him traveling south to Monmouth to help a family get back together if there family home following the mother been taken ill after giving birth to their twins. Unfortunately we can’t explain further details on this build at present as it is still to be aired in 2017.

The third build took David up north to the seaside town of Blackpool to help on his biggest build to date as it was the Children in Need Special which is due to be aired on the 17th November as part of the Children in Need week of fundraising programs. This was to help transform 2 building into a child carers rest-bite center for Blackpool Carers. As part of this mammoth task we had to landscape nearly an ache of land into gardens and educational areas for the children to use. The gardens were designed by Laurence Mitchel and the carers center was designed by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen.

David’s fourth and final build of 2016 took him to the home town of shows resident electrician (The Prince of Darkness) the sausage himself Billy Byrne in Welwyn Garden City.

This was to help Sascha and Andreas. Sascha explained in detail that she has been on dialysis for the past four and a half years, time was running out and family life with her husband and four children was suffering greatly, if she could have a dialysis machine at home it could be almost as good as having a transplant, plus it would give the family their life back without the four or five trips to the hospital a week for dialysis. This build was designed by celebrity designer Gabriel Blackman who also designed the first and second builds David was involved in. This build will also be aired in 2017.

David says “The BBC DIY SOS team are great fun to work with and have made his time most enjoyable. The volunteers put in hours of hard work and effort and the works were completed to a very high standard on time and revealed to the family are always a very emotional day.”

We can’t say anything about the house and garden designs of build 2, 3 & 4 or post pictures of these projects until the BBC DIY SOS program has been aired as it would spoil the surprise for the viewers, but David can honestly say “I can say that it was a fantastic and fulfilling experience with a great group of people and the end results is stunning!!